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Synapse II

Synapse II is an exploration of two suggestively organic forms meeting and merging, exchanging information, and departing again. The spiralling form is reminiscent of the chromosome, the seat of DNA or the essential genetic information of all living beings.

Biologically, the synapse acts a terminal between nerve cells, a conduit for information, in response to an impulse, an extremely small gap across which information travels.


In this context, the synapse acts as a gateway, a conduit that transports one into the space of the Alice Lane plaza. In dialogue with the accented, geometric architectural forms, the presence of this neural entity emphasises the magnitude of the fissure between the two wings of the building. However, while the physical expanse is accentuated, it is also metaphorically bridged by the conciliatory activity of Synapse II.


The tapering and twisting forms of the structure give it a transient nature, as its complexity shifts with the fluctuation in the amount of visual and experiential information available from different view points. The delicate attenuation of each “limb” gives way to the spiralling lines and widened forms of the sculpture's midsection imbuing it with multiple, various dimensions. When viewed from above the form is compressed and it's linear quality is only betrayed by the descriptive shadows that it casts.

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