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Vessel (Microbial)

Of the many impulses that drive me in my artistic engagement, the one that is persistent yet elusive, is the attempt to fathom or personify humanity, in its entirety, as a singular state or condition, within a sculptural manifestation. It is like constructing a map that charts the lengthy terrain between our emotive sense of individuality and a distant, encompassing view of human existence itself. 


The 2 spheroid sculptures refer ambiguously to microscopic, visceral and celestial forms and are scaled to relate to the human body. The sculptures are similar in form, yet they differ in content, material and construction. They create dialogue, through their similarities and their differences.


Vessel (microbial) has an enclosing surface or skin, populated by hundreds of figures alluding ambiguously, to landscape, the human body and microorganisms.


Orbit (universal) is a skeletal wire-frame structure that carries data manifest as attenuated and broken lines of communicative text, which are interwoven to construct the spheroid form.


Our desire to grasp humanity is precariously formed from an engagement between our sense of individuality and our location within a greater species, on a singular planetary body.

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